Pocket Stories’ goal is to connect locals and newcomers to build understanding and strengthen integration into society. We believe integration is a two-way journey dialogue. Storytelling is a proven tool for creating dialogue. 

Pocket Stories achieves this by offering storytelling trainings, tools, and public events to people with different cultural, social, and professional backgrounds to empower them to use their own journey and story as an inspiration to build bridges between their communities. 

Pocket Stories is driven by the belief that everybody has a story to tell and that there is nothing more painful than an untold story. In a society where media are increasingly biased towards ‘the left’ or ‘the right’ – we strive to connect the stories from both sides and everyone in between for a more nuanced and realistic image of our society.

If you work with vulnerable people, the first thing you learn is that what “these people” want, is not being labelled vulnerable. Therefore we limit our use of labels like “refugees” and “migrants” and address our participants through their stories.

Pocket Stories is a non-profit organization who funds its activities through grants, donations, and support in kind. All income is used for the organisation to offer the storytelling trainings, workshops and events. Moreover, Pocket Stories is working on a book that will be published in the course of 2017.  Income from the sales of this book will also be used to organize trainings, workshops and events. 

Stichting Pocket Stories was founded on 21 September 2016 and has obtained the ANBI status per […]. At the end of each year, we will publish our impact and financial reports on this page.

The 2016 report: http://ourpocketstories.org/images/Annual-Report-2016-Pocket-Stories.pdf

Our board of directors



Ingeborg Mehus | ingi@ourpocketstories.org

Ingeborg has earned a bachelor in Communication and a Master in Politics of Global Development and has worked with international migration on four continents with both local NGOs, UNHCR and IOM. She is the director and founder of Pocket Stories.



Zeeneb Bar | zeeneb@ourpocketstories.org

Zeeneb is at the end of her law degree specialising in human rights and business law. She has worked with Amnesty International and the Dutch Refugee Council. She is the secretary of Pocket Stories.



Berit S Haarr |

Berit is a journalist by profession with a master degree in Societal Safety and Crisis Management. She has worked the last 8 years with social entrepreneurship, international migration and national security in Europe and South Africa. She is the treasurer of Pocket Stories. 

None of the board members get remunerated for their positions as board members.



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ANBI status per 21/06/2016.

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