Pocket Stories unites migrants and travellers to challenge stereotypes and prejudice.
We belive all human beings are migrants and travellers. The Pocket Stories team is working for migrants and travellers and is by migrants and travellers.

Ingi Mehus | Founder & Director

Ingi was born in South Korea, grew up in Norway and Australia, and currently lives in the Netherlands. She has previously worked with international migration in Australia, Indonesia, Tajikistan, Norway and the Netherlands for large international organisations like the UNHCR and IOM, as well as local NGOs and refugee centres. Her educational background is in Communication and she has a master’s degree in Global Politics of Development. Ingi is a self-labelled traveller and a migrant by legal definition, who’d like to live in a world where the fear of migration is replaced with the same curiosity we have for travelling. She spent the last years travelling to over 50 countries and she hopes to use her personal and professional experience to spark curiosity for migration. When she is not working, she is usually found behind a book or a movie, enjoying salty liquorice or soaking up the sun (on the rare occasion that happens in the Netherlands) while enjoying a cold Hoegaarden with friends.


Daan Wurpel | Creative Director & Co-Founder

Daan was born in the Netherlands and began travelling from a young age. He has spent large parts of his life in New Zealand, Australia, Turkey and Norway where he both have travelled and worked. While researching, publishing multiple papers on urinary tract infections, and winning award for his tutoring during his PhD in Molecular Microbiology in Brisbane, Australia, Daan never liked to sit still. He seized every spare moment to island hop across the South Pacific and explore Asia and Africa. He sees every travel experience as an opportunity for to learn something new and to make new friends. He is a passionate idealist who strongly believes in justice and equality and works hard for a world where differences in religion, politics, science and culture can be overcome through genuine dialogue. In his spare time, Daan likes to cook and chill with a beer in the company of friends.


Zeeneb Bar | Project Officer

As Zeeneb was two years old when her family fled from Iraq to the Netherlands,  she spent most of her childhood growing up in Lebanon and the Netherlands. Zeeneb is a law student with a big passion for International, Humanitarian and Private Law. During an internship at a law firm partly specialized in migration law, her interest in migration and globalization grew even bigger. She works in the field of international migration at a local refugee centre in the Netherlands and designs activities and events to draw attention to human rights violations across the world at an Amnesty International group, where she's currently one of the chairs. Zeeneb also continues to direct and participate in different projects from various organizations that aim to enhance (multicultural) community development. In her spare time, Zeeneb enjoys reading novels or taking a run through the dunes and forests of her hometown.


Hamzah Kashash | Graphic Designer and Photographer

Hamzah born and grow up in Syria and he lived for many year in Egypt he living now in Amsterdam, he began work as Graphic designer while he is studies last year of high school, when he was in Egypt he keep development his skills and he begen as Photography beside Graphic designe, The art can make chang for the better, he love the challenges, the life it's biggest challenge, he have curious about this world and other cultures, no matter who you are! traveler or immigrant we all sons of this world, he start volunteer work with Pocket Stories they bring people from other cultures together and spreading the curiosity for other cultures and migration to embrace the perks of cultural diversity of our world

Adrien Perello-Y-Bestard | Social Designer

Adrien grew up in France. After completing a master’s degree in Cognitive Engineering, he versed himself in his passion: travelling. He spent two years exploring New-Zealand, Australia and Asia, before resuming his career in the energy industry in England. However, the yearning to explore the richness of the world and urge to strive towards a better society lead him to southern Africa, where he spent two years volunteering for various projects. He now lives in Amsterdam, where he applies his skills in Design Thinking and Social Innovation to create experiences that stimulate our inner curiosity, challenge our perception of societies and bring people from different cultural backgrounds together.


Julia Nußholz | Bussiness Development & Impact Advisor

Julia grew up in Germany and lived for many years in the Netherlands, Turkey and the US. Currently, her work has brought her to the South of Sweden where she does research on innovative business models for sustainability. As a volunteer she has been involved in various projects that aim to support migrants and refugees and promote integration. Finding new ways to realise more encounters, interaction, and mutual understanding across cultural backgrounds is a constant endeavour and source of inspiration for her. In her view, we don’t always need to travel far away as Europeans, but can discover other cultures by ’traveling’ within our immediate surroundings. This allows for low-threshold means to stimulate greater understanding and appreciation across the diverse cultural groups within our societies (and reducing our environmental footprint at the same time). With Pocket Stories she hopes to encourage curiosity for migrants and the beauty that cultural diversity brings to our world.


Wendy Allan | Blogger

Wendy grew up in rural Australia, before moving to big city Melbourne and step-by-step into the wider world. She currently lives in Poland. At university, she studied biomedicine, only to realise that ‘helping people’ didn’t have to mean standing at a laboratory bench. She became involved in her local community volunteering in a number of different organisations and projects, trying everything from telephone counselling for Lifeline Australia to packing organic vegetables! She eventually found her way to the pay-as-you-feel community restaurant Lentil As Anything, where everything seemed to come together. Powered by the belief in ‘other possibilities’, she set out on her own project Drop the Tension: a conscious overland travel without flights between Melbourne and Europe. Wendy believes travel is the best education because putting faces and friendships to places on a map teaches that people everywhere have such huge sameness, no matter how different the surface may seem. She loves hitch-hiking, guerrilla knitting, food, making do and bring people together.

Silvia Zanelli | Communication Officer, Translator & Blogger

Silvia was born and raised in Bologna, Italy. Since her childhood, she has been travelling all over Europe and, during her university years, she decided to move first to California then to Hungary. Her educational background is in Language and Translation Studies, and she has a Master’s in International Relations. She has previously worked as language teacher for both Italian and foreign students and she is currently working as translator and interpreter. Silvia is an untamable traveler and adventurer, constantly in love with the wonderful feeling of meeting new people from different countries, cultures, and languages. She believes that every person is –first and foremost - an extraordinary story to be told, and she dreams of a world where people build bridges instead of walls. When she is not traveling, Silvia loves reading books, drinking tea, and cuddling with her two cats.

Celma Costa | Blogger

Celma Costa has a third traveling tentacle. Born in Mozambique, she developed a genuine interest for the world beyond her window, and began her journey in South Africa, where she lived and studied for 7 years. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and is passionate about global affairs and local solutions, which she believes can be reached through common will and understanding. An insatiable traveller and curious wanderer, she travels in and out of herself often in search of the world’s most hidden gems: people. Having been to South America, Europe, Asia and Africa, she hopes to continue trekking the complexities behind human behavior and exploring the wonderful ways in which people create and share meaning despite their differences.

Khadidja Markemal | Blogger

Khadidja is our blogger and photographer from Algeria.

Alberto Martin | Media-Maker

Alberto is the founder of Kilofilmetro, Pocket Stories' media production partner and is the main producer of our digital storytelling projects.

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