Iran by Kaya Stok

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"What are you still doing here?" When I turn around I see Reza with a big smile on his face entering the courtyard of the hotel I was staying in. Reza is a local tourist guide and he was there to pick up some people. "Tourist normally stay here for one or two days and then they go, they have seen it all. And you are here for 5 days? Why?"

This was in Yazd, a "small" city, where I stayed for a couple of days while traveling Iran. While I was strolling along the market I met a guy who is working as a teacher on an Islamic school. This school was near the marketplace and we went there together. He showed me around in school, the lessons stopped because they had a guest in their middle. I sat down in a classroom and had some tea with the children. After this we went over to the principal’s office, his boss, and he asked for a day off. He wanted a day off so he could show me around! He got permission and we went on his motorbike to see the rest of the town. We rode across the city from east to west and even had dinner at his place. We talked about how he lives his life in Iran, and how I live mine in Holland. We talked about family, religion, marriage, politics and food. I had a great day! Later on that week he took me to the village where he grew up, and we met his family there. I felt like family!

This, I answered, is why I stayed here for all those days. Iran is the country of people. It's not about watching some buildings and then go on (they do got some beautiful buildings, go see 'em!), and it is not about the nature and wildlife. It is about meeting people, spend some time together, and share each other stories.

By Kaya Stok from the Netherlands.

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1. 'Racing camels' - Yazd dessert.


2. Inside Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque - Esfehan.


3. Vank cathedral - Esfehan.


4. 'Caleidoscopic conversations' - Sie-o-se polbridge, Esfehan.


5. 'Boys wil be boys' (Kaya in the front) - Yazd.


6. 'Wise lessons' - Kashan.


9. 'Staring in the future' - Firuzabad.


10. 'Amir Chakhmaq Mosque by night'.


11. 'Colourful country' - Yazd.


12. 'Desert magic' - Yazd desert.


13. Azadi tower - Teheran.


14. 'Passing by' - Teheran.


15. 'Playing music like a boss' - Teheran.


16. 'Men are always right' - Esfehan.


17. 'Everybody wants to be Messi' - Yazd.


18. 'Light in the darkness' - Esfehan.


19. Rooftopview Esfehan.



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