Deepak Ashwani

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I was living a very materialistic life until 2009 while working as an Electronics Engineer in a French-Italian company in India. Though I had every materialistic requirement fulfilled, I was feeling alone.

DeepakIndia2Something was missing. I explored Indian villages in my free time and experienced the problems faced by masses first-end during my job tenure. By observing the situation for mass population, I thought, “I was fortunate to be educated and get a nice job, but the reality is most people are trapped in the vicious cycle of issues to meet their basic needs. Why don’t I focus all my energy for the less fortunate, instead of keep doing a job I don’t even enjoy”?

I found the purpose in my life and resigned from my job in 2010. It was also very clear to me that if I have to learn a lot – I had to leave the comfort zone of being in the same country since my childhood. I left India for the first time to start a Master in Environmental Management in Portugal. Due to the freedom in mobility of my studies, I moved to Aalborg, Denmark in 2011 to continue my studies.

"It was also very clear to me that if I have to learn a lot – I had to leave the comfort zone of being in the same country since my childhood."

It was bit of the shock in the beginning, as Denmark is the coldest and most expensive place I had experienced so far. However, the open culture at my university to treat students and professors as equal helped me to learn from my seniors and peers alike. My curiosity led me to explore new places, knowledge, and being conscious to practice altruism through all of my actions. Using all my knowledge gained by meeting people during my studies and travels, I founded Dazin in 2013 – a social enterprise in Bhutan to eliminate household air pollution from cooking fuel usage in Bhutan.

Today, I know that the drive to do my work was missing. I have continuously asked to myself: “Why am I doing what I am doing?” The most important lesson I have learned is to follow my inner voice, which leads to find the purpose in the life. Once someone has identified the gift (purpose) inside them, they cannot stop themselves by sharing it with others for the betterment of humanity and environment.

By Deepak Ashwani in Denmark from India.


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