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What drives us?

Our Mission

Pocket Stories connects people with unheard voices through storytelling to embrace and celebrate diversity.

Pocket Stories began as an online social inclusion project to bring travellers and migrants together i 2014 to challenge the stereotypes and prejudice of mobility labels through their stories.

But after a short while we realised that our need for offline connections was much greater and our aim to reflect a truly inclusive society needed a broader approach.

Today Pocket Stories has become a non-profit foundation which aims to broaden our understanding of human movement and celebrate cultural diversity through creative storytelling projects. While our passion for intercultural dialogue and migration still stand central, today we connect anyone with unheard voices through storytelling to both embrace and celebrate true diversity for a thriving and inclusive society.

Ingi was interviewed by MaatschapWij to talk about what we at Pocket Stories do to bring diverse people together through storytelling.

Our approach

Storytelling at its core

We connect locals and newcomers with diverse backgrounds to build understanding and strengthen integration into society. But avoid using the word 'integration' as we believe a thriving society is a two-way dialogue between newcomers and locals. Storytelling is a proven tool to create that dialogue.


So...how do we exactly achieve this?

Pocket Stories achieves this by offering storytelling workshops, tools, and public events to people with different cultural, social, and professional backgrounds to empower them to use their own journey and story as an inspiration to build bridges between their communities.

Where can you find us?

Location, location, location

We work mainly in the Netherlands, but have several collaboration projects across Europe and North Africa.

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Annual Reports

Our impact and financial reports

Stichting Pocket Stories was founded on 21 September 2016 and has obtained the ANBI status per 21/06/2017. At the end of each year, we will publish our impact and financial reports on this page.

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