A global collaboration platform

What is it and how are we involved?

ChagemakerXchange (CXC) gathers some of the world’s most exciting changemakers at impact retreats in beautiful spaces around the world for the exchange and co-creation of ideas.

CXC is co-created by Ashoka and Robert Bosch Stiftung.

Our founder Ingi Mehus became a member of CXC in 2015 and Pocket Stories have since been involved in several international collaboration projects and been official partner in two summits.

What we love about CXC is the strong belief in collaboration in the effort of creating positive imact across borders.

Cultural Diversity & Dialogue

Amsterdam 2018

The first ChangemakerXchange: Cultural Diversity & Dialogue summit was hosted in the Netherlands where 20 intercultural innovators from Europe, Middle East and North Africa came together for six days to #connect, #learn and #collaborate across borders.

We were honoured to be the local host of this special summit as live in a time where we are told that is easier to stay in our in-group than collaborate with those who we perceive are different. We strongly believe now more than ever, we need dialogue that celebrate diversity across all communities for more inclusive and peaceful future.

The first three days were spent in Amsterdam with the Opening Night at Impact Hub Amsterdam, before spending the next two days at the historical and inspiring Anne Frank House delving into our personal stories, intercultural ventures, and history.

The Amsterdam summit was hosted Safarni - Intercultural Children's Workshop, Pocket Stories, and International Association for Intercultural Education.

Impacting Rural Communities

Paris 2018

Rural communities are often forgotten in the increasingly globalisedand urban world. Pocket Stories strives to amplify the unheard voices in order to celebrate diversity for a more inclusive future.

We were therefore very proud to be part of organising and faciliting the first summit for social innovators impacting rural communities in Europe.

The Paris summit was hosted Bridge for Billions, YouthNest, ImpactAimers and Pocket Stories.

We were generously hosted at the beautiful Rocheplatte castle.