Magic Makers

Social Entrepreurship programme

The programme

'The Magic Makers' was an educational program for people with a refugee status who were passionate to create their own social enterprises in their new home countries. The aim of the programme was to empower these social entrepreneurs with a voice, tools, knowledge in social entrepreneurship, and an international network to implement ideas and solutions that have a direct social impact in their lives and communities.

These magic makers are inspirational leaders who want to use their stories and ideas to inspire their multicultural communities. It was an honour to share stories and to join hands & hearts. There were many lessons and insights we will take from the experience we had in Morocco and Germany.

Magic Makers 2015


A one day programme for people with a refugee background living in Morocco. A collaboration between Voyaj, Pocket Stories, 3BL Associates, and SINGA MAROC.

Magic Makers 2017


A evening programme over four nights for people with a refugee background living in Germany. A collaboration between 3BL Associates, Pocket Stories, Giraffics and SINGA Deutschland

The Story of Us

Written by the Magic Maker participants

Morocco is an intersection for migration between Africa and Europe and therefore hosts large number of migrants and refugees.

“So many people see Europe as a dream, and Morocco as a transit country. But because we are relatively successful, we can be an inspiration for others. That is our challenge.”

“Most of us arrived from DR Congo and some of us from Cameroon to this wonderful country of Morocco. We are determined to live here, and our values of freedom, equality, love and justice are the promise of a better tomorrow in this land of refuge.
Exposed to difficult conditions, we who lacked money for healthcare, food, rent and to overcome many more challenges - want to use our experiences in favour of improving the condition of refugees and of our fellow migrants. To this end, we wish to pursue our projects to improve our situation and to support others who end up in a similar situation.

In this journey, our story will show that we can suffer from hunger, thirst and more, and still manage to build something inspiring; projects that help improving the daily life of many people.”



Insight from our program in Berlin and Rabat