What drives us


What drives us

We all have a story to tell. In a world where it appears that only the loudest voices and strongest opinions matter, it is easy to forget that other stories matter too. Sharing in particular our own, individual stories and listen actively to those of others forces us to look beyond present stereotypes and destructive discourse. We all of a sudden realize and accept that we’re part of the same world. It is time to (re)connect.

Pocket Stories’ vision is a more equal, inclusive, and responsible society. In order to fulfil this vision, the activities we perform and our contact with participants are being led by our values. They stand for the things we find important and they guide us. They are the criteria through which we make priorities and decisions.


Equality, inclusiveness

We live in a world of extremes. On one hand, social media sources open new doors of communication for world citizens of differing social backgrounds, which have never been opened before. However, at the same time, it appears as if we’ve never been so disconnected from each other and ourselves.

Through the increasing importance of social media, an often unrealistic picture of life in extremes is being established. While in reality, there’s a huge grey area in between. In fact, that’s where most of our activities, emotions and encounters take place. Only strong and loud opinions furthermore appear to matter. Pocket Stories believes that every person should have an equal opportunity to let their voice being heard. By providing participants with different backgrounds to do so, we want to strive for a more inclusive society and through that create a more realistic picture of society.


Connecting, acceptance, diversity

We believe in the power of face-to-face contact. Sharing stories in real life can be the starting point for recognizing similarities. If not similarities in personal backgrounds, then similarities in global trends.Trends of which we all, in different ways, are part of, such as globalization, or the history of one’s country.

Sharing stories in real life can also lead to an acceptance of cultural differences. Acceptance that in a lot of cases is being held off through negative discourse, stigmas and prejudice. We want to challenge these obstacles. The acceptance of others and their personal stories can, in turn, lead to more self-acceptance and it can be an inspiration and motivation to let one’s own voice being heard as well.

This recognition of similarities and acceptance of differences form the foundation for connecting with others.


Curiosity, active listening

We embrace curiosity and we want to spark this amongst our participants. Related to this is a form of openness and willingness to actively listen to the stories of others. Especially stories of those who think and look different than ourselves. It entails stepping over one’s own possible prejudices.

Listen actively to others might seem obvious. However, it differs from the standard, everyday listening by fully engaging with the other person. Nowadays discussions often seem to be a matter of trying to persuade the other person of one’s standing point. It is a beautiful thing to notice how much we can learn from first listen actively to the voices of others.



Our mission is to connect people with unheard voices and with different backgrounds through storytelling.

Pocked Stories wants to provide its participants with the empowerment and confidence that every single story matters. We also give participants the right skill-set to discover their own personal story if this has not yet been found. We want to stimulate curiosity and active listening.