Our Team

Our Volunteers

Pocket Stories would be nothing without the passion and skills of our past and current volunteers

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Our people

Who will you meet in our projects

Shah Tabibi | Facilitator

A young story creator on stage, teacher at The Hague University, and a Psychology graduate. Shah travels the Netherlands with his storytelling show called: The Shah of Holland where he shares his identity and personality with the people in the form of dancing, singing, poetry and intriguing stories. Besides teaching and storytelling, Shah has a passion for social work, psychology, coaching and traveling. His love for human connection has brought him to the position he is in today. Get to know him during our storytelling workshops.

Oldoez Moradi | Facilitator

Oldoez works as trainer and has a great facination for personal leadership and empowerment. In her work she supports groups and individuals to connect with their true nature. By creating a safe and connected space on personal and collective level she hopes to contribute towards a society where universal values such as unity, diversity and inclusion can be celebrated. She uses methodes such as dialogue, silent reflection, art and writing.

Gea Boffini | Asia Community Developer

Gea is originally from Italy, but has lived in China for nearly a decade. There, besides traveling many Asian countries, she studied Chinese Mandarin and worked in education, import-export, events and community management. In 2014 she left China to embark on a six month solo journey back to Europe and moved to Amsterdam.

Her background and experiences led her to describe herself with one foot in the East and the other one in the West. This state of being motivated her to create ChinaRaw, a platform that promotes Chinese people living in The Netherlands through events of storytelling and art performances.

Daan Wurpel | Creative Director

Daan was born and raised in the Netherlands, but spent most of his adult life abroad as he belives travel and migration as opportunities to learn something new. He is passionate for a world where differences in religion, politics, science and culture can be overcome through genuine dialogue

Hamzah Kashash | Photographer

Hamzah was born and grew up in Syria and strongly believes art can make change for the better. He is the founder of his own photography and graphic design venture Kashash Art.

Alina Stepanova | Financial Manager

Alina was born in Russia and came to the Netherlands as a young girl. She experiments with fusing of cultures in the kitchen and loves to cook both Russian and international food.

Ingi Mehus | Facilitator & Project Manager

As the founder, Ingi wears several hats in Pocket Stories daily activities.

Our Board

None of the board members get remunerated for their positions as board members.

Zeeneb Bar | Secretary

Zeeneb is at the end of her law degree specialising in human rights and business law. She has worked with Amnesty International and the Dutch Refugee Council. She is the secretary of Pocket Stories.

Berit S. Harr | Treasurer

Berit is a journalist by profession with a master degree in Societal Safety and Crisis Management. She has worked the last 8 years with social entrepreneurship, international migration and national security in Europe and South Africa. She is the treasurer of Pocket Stories.

Ingi Mehus | Founder and Director

Ingi has earned a bachelor in Communication and a Master in Politics of Global Development and has worked with international migration on four continents with both local NGOs, UNHCR and IOM. She is the director and founder of Pocket Stories.