Roots Guide

Travel Faraway from Home

What is Roots Guide?

Roots Guide is a brand new guidebook in the making that utilises personal migration stories, and listings of places where locals can rediscover and travel faraway within their own country.

We anticipate the launch of a tested and curated guidebook in late 2019 in collaboration with Wageningen University.


Throughout history, the Netherlands has always had an advantage for being open to people from different places and cultures. During the Golden Age in particular, the Netherlands played a large part in creating and transforming international migration and trading routes across the world, increasing mobility of people, ideas, and products and made the Netherlands one of the most thriving, multicultural centres in the world.

Personal stories

Yet, migrants continue to be seen as negative and destructive in our society. Through the stories presented in our book project, we try to show how interconnected the Netherlands is to the rest of the world, not only today, but also in the past. We want to replace our fear of migration with the same curiosity we have for travelling.

In short

Roots Guide is a guidebook for Dutch locals to rediscover the world within the Netherlands. The guidebook celebrates cultural diversity through personal stories of people, places and events, from an Iraqi’s traditional recipe, a Hindu Temple, a German count's personal migration story, to celebrating King’s Day.

Your story too

We strongly believe that everyone has a profound story to tell, therefore the guidebook will have a special section where each reader can reflect and write their own story. Genuine curiosity of people's roots leads to a better understanding and deeper connection to each other. Nobody’s story exists alone, everyone’s story is part of a larger story; our collective story.

Join us to travel faraway at home

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