We believe this is the shortest distance between two people, a stepping stone towards a thriving, multicultural community

Stories connects us on a deeper level as we share experiences, hopes, challenges and ideas how to celebrate cultural diversity. We want to harness all these stories to co-create new solutions that can help everyday storyteller to spark dialogie between groups who otherwise would not meet and co-create new solutions to celebrate our cultural heritage. Integration of newcomers is a two-ways street where both locals and newcomers need a platform to connect and share their personal experiences.

We believe we are all  and , be it fleeing our country due to war, moving to a new country for a job, studying abroad, going for your annual holiday, or simply commuting between cities in your own country for better work or study opportunities. It is not about ‘them’, it is all about ‘us’. Thankfully the vast majority of us can leave and return to our homes freely – both temporarily and permanently. It is therefore particularly important that we provide extra support and understanding for the 0.3% of the world population, asylum seekers and refugees, people who never asked to leave their country.

Discover the World through Stories

Who can you impact by simply telling your story?







We are proud to have shared the stories of people from across the world who reflect their journey as a migrant and traveller with the public.



Our storytellers are connected to Afghanistan, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Belgium, Bosnia, Canada, England, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Germany, Indonesia, Israel, Morocco, Netherlands, Norway, South Korea, Somalia, South Sudan, Spain, Syria, Ukraine, and USA.


Our storytelling events are done in collaboration with:

Verhalen van Vluchtelingen | Pakhuis De Zwijger Amsterdam | Re-Starter | Studio/K | European Alternatives | Reinwardt Academie | Lloyd Hotel Amsterdam | TV-Aksjonen | Ha Mottakssenter