The StorySeekers Program

Trigger curiosity for inclusive storytelling in Northern Europe.

The Aim

Mobilize and support actors

The program aims to mobilize actors and provide the support and the space for developing a Scandinavian cross-sectoral network of media professionals, academics and civil society organizations, promoting social inclusion and civic engagement through storytelling and media.

The Content

Learn to tell your story effectively

Storytelling is a buzzword today, but few organizations and individuals understand what it really means and how they can effectively use it to communicate their causes. Story Seekers aims to give both theoretical and practical understanding of the power of storytelling.

The Value

Tap into valuable and diverse expertise

Relevant expertise within civil society organizations and media professionals or media influencers, for improvement of social inclusion and civic engagement; also it aims to provide media communication and storytelling services to support civil society organizations in their work for an inclusive society.


StorySeekers is co-created with

Pocket Stories has strong ties to Norway and the Nordic region and therefore proud to be a partner of StorySeekers to trigger curiosity for inclusive storytelling in Northern Europe.