Travel Faraway at Home

Past Project

Rediscover the world in your own country

Travel Faraway At Home (TFAH) By Migrants for Travellers aimed to change the way we view migrants and create Travel Fairs to help replace our fear of migration with the same curiosity we have for travelling.

Migration is widely controversial, but at the same time travelling is widely popular. Yet both are means to cross borders in the pursuit to enhance life.

The shortest distance between two people is a story

Travelling is about new experiences and making new friends and The Travel Fairs will allow people to experience cultures that they otherwise wouldn’t visit out of fear, wars or lack of personal finances.

The Travel Fairs will make you feel like you have entered a home filled with food, travel photography, little workshops and people. You can exchange stories with migrants over Iranian tea, admire beautiful photos of Afghan nature, or learn how to make samosas.

The exchange of stories and cultures will bridge the gap between migrant communities and locals (the travellers) and be a way to make friends across cultures without ever leaving home.

TFAH is the foundation Roots Guide

From travel fair to book form

Co-Creation Workshops

TFAH was created with locals and people with migration backgrounds

TFAH was co-created with locals and newcomers in Denmark in order to create a project that could bring together people with diverse backgrounds through cultural experiences without worrying about language barriers. The co-design process was done in collaboration with students from IT University of Copenhagen.

There were two co-design workshops held in Denmark, while we also hosted a workshop for fellows of United Nations Alliance of Cultures in Berlin.

Honorary Mention

Afsnit I 2015

We participated with our concept at Afsnit I Innovation Competition and Festival in Denmark, November 2015 and was awarded 'Honorary Mention'. The team was Adrien PYB, Zeeneb Bar, Daan Wurpel and Ingi Mehus.