Utilizing Photography

Photography workshop

November 2017

Utilising photography was a one day photography workshop dedicated for talented people with a refugee background around the Netherlands looking to start a career in photography. The workshop was facilitad by Rehab Eldalil and she her workshop was divided into three pillars; technical, artistic and storytelling skill development pillars covering both basic and advanced subjects essential for every photographer to know in the beginning of their career. 

The target of the workshop was to prepare and motivate participants to practice photography professionally for financial sustainability and artistic expression. Along with the workshop, committed participants were offered six months of online mentoring that included portfolio reviews and technical assistance. 

We want to ensure that the polarised debate about migration is given more diverse voices and to ensure that refugees and asylum seekers are not talked about, but rather personally contribute directly to the conversation. Most people access news on social media where we respond to visuals quicker and more active than text. By giving more people the proper skills to actively paint a public image of who the refugees are, we hope it can lead to a little bit more inclusive dialogue. This is all part of the larger mission of Pocket Stories to broaden our understanding of migration and who that is.

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